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Splendid Farms is a part of High Prairie Farms and a sister to The Bug Farm,. This small group of like-minded service groups are all premier suppliers to advanced hobbyists, breeders and institutions. The staff prides themselves in their ability to provide products and services based on their over 50 years experience in the aquatic community. Splendid Farms is the result of an effort to make it easier for folks to focus on Betta related issues and not get caught up in the wide variety of elements that comprise the group.

The fish were taken care of by the staff of High Prairie and the foods were cultured by those same dedicated folks at The Bug Farm. And that high level of customer service and interaction that clients have come to know, love and respect from the staff of The Farms still happens just like always.

Betta splendens make wonderful pets. In an unusual combination of personality, color and moderate care, the Betta splendens makes for unique package in the fish world. We kept and bred other types of Bettas at Splendid Farms also. By working with a variety of species, we felt that learned material from one species can be used to make decisions about other issues that arise from time to time.

The suggestions and techniques that are furnished on this site have all been used on The Farm. Amongst other types of foods, we grew microworms, Grindal worms and fruit flies for our fish. We hatched brine shrimp every day. We used pellets and flakes that we  found work and pass those suggestions along to you through this site.

We hope that your visit to this site will help you raise better Bettas. As always you can contact Splendid Farms with questions and comments.

Take care,

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