Angelfish, Bettas a nd Other Tropical Fishes


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Freshwater Fish and Resources



Tropical Fish and Supplies
-   Live Food Information

-   Food and Feed Chart
-   Helpful Conversion Tools
  Calculating Water Change Schedules
-   Helpful Words and Terms

-   How to Make a Spawning Mop
-   A Filter for Small Tanks
-   Ideas about using Wood in Aquariums
-   Inspirations for Wood in Aquariums
-   How to Ship Fish (a primer)
-----   More Information about Shipping (The Shipping Barn)

-   An Urban Collecting Story
-   Another Urban Collecting Story
-   Yet Another Urban Collecting Story
-   Collecting in Missouri...Darters
-   My Trip to Rome

-   NA Darters
-   Betta smaragdina
-   Betta pugnax
-   Just Call Me Nsukka
-   The Blue Gularis
-   Ameca splendens