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The Shipping Barn was part of the BIoSierra Group, a band of small companies that were focused on solutions within similar communities. The Barn now delivers information to the herp, amphibian and fish communties with creative yet practical solutions to moving animals from one location to another.

Because of it's association with High Prairie Farms and The Bug Farm, the folks at The Shipping Barn earned a superb reputation within the shipping community for their ability to successfully deliver live animals and material.

We continue to care about your animals the same way we care about our own.

First time shippers will find that the information contained in The Shipping Barn to be extremely. We have assembled a great deal of information in a document called "Shipping Notes" which is available on the Web.

FedEx has one of the most stringent set of rules and regulations regarding shipping live animals. The Shipping Barn passed the FedEx shipping and box tests and was "certified" to ship through their system.

Shipping Notes...this e-doc is an essay on shipping fish and related animals (including plants). It is a comprehensive paper that prints out at over 20 8 1/2x 11 pages! Includes links to USP, Fedex, USPS and DHL regulations...how to make a balloon...where to get FREE boxes...which bags are appropriate...full of personal experiences...and a very cool checklist to keep you on track...and more of course!

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